Summer Excitement – Great Scholarship App PDF

The Richard Seymour ‘Boy Do I Feel Great’ Scholarship is available for “friends of current Summer Excitement students,” that is, friends “back home” who have previously never attended Summer Excitement.  The scholarship is designed to give current students the opportunity to illuminate faith to their friends by exposing them to Christ at Summer Excitement.  There is no greater expression of friendship than to help your friends draw closer to Jesus!  If you are interested in bringing a friend, here are some things to consider before applying:

       The scholarship may NOT be used for friends or relatives who are current or even former Summer Excitement students.  SE has other scholarships available for students in need of financial assistance.  Please feel free to contact Keri Moore if you know of someone at your church or a former student who may be at risk of not attending due to finances.

       The scholarship will typically NOT be awarded to friends or peers in your church youth group.  However, special cases will be considered if the request is in alignment with the spirit of the scholarship as outlined above.

       Up to 5 “Great Scholarships” will be available for the 2019 year, and they will be considered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

–    Summer Excitement is an intensely social, and highly spiritual environment.  Help your friends prepare for the experience by orienting them to the nature of the week.

       Scholarship applications should be submitted between April 1 and May 15.

–    Applications will be accepted starting on April 1 at this site!  Follow the link above to download the application.  Upon completion (and after April 1!) mail it to us at:


       1701 QUAKER AVENUE

       LUBBOCK, TX  79416

If you have other questions pertaining to this scholarship please do not hesitate to contact Jason Moore at jasoncordus84@yahoo.com. 

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