13 Apr

On a Monday afternoon in mid-April, it is proving very difficult to anticipate what will come of Summer Excitement 2020 as a result of the ever-changing Covid-19 narrative that is affecting people around the globe.  At the end of March we made the decision toIMG_2590 move camp registration from its traditional April 1 date to May 1, hoping that another 30-days would clarify how the virus was spreading, while simultaneously making our May decision on “how to proceed” easier.  The verdict is yet to come in.  The waiting continues.  We still cannot know definitively what Summer Excitement 2020 will look like…and that is hard!

But that said, here’s what we DO know about Summer Excitement, a message that has been instilled in us by SE leaders starting back in 1985.  THIS…while Summer Excitement, the camp, the gathering of energetic young men and women, may happen just once a year during a single week in June, the SPIRIT of Summer Excitement has an impact far beyond 1-single week in June!  That SPIRIT leaves the campus each 3rd Friday in June in every student, TL, TLC, and staff-person, charged to share everything learned and experienced about Jesus with friends and family and peers back home:  grace, forgiveness, acceptance, healing, unity, joy, fun.  The SPIRIT of Summer Excitement doesn’t have an expiration date, and it certainly doesn’t have a short shelf-life.  And as such, the SPIRIT of Summer Excitement cannot be postponed or even cancelled.  So while the verdict on 2020 has yet to come in, rest assured that the SE SPIRIT will certainly live on in 2020 through its students and leaders!


(Until further notice Summer Excitement registration will open on May 1 at this site.  In the event of cancellation, any student who may have registered and paid prior to cancellation will receive full refunds.  Our decision on SE 2020 will be made no later than May 7.)    

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