Be Patient

20 Jun

What an outstanding day!  This morning, students started with Clay Johnson leading them in “When the Saints Go Marching In” with Clay’s trombone.  To understand the full meaning of this moment, let’s go back to last night where Bob Smiley roasted his son and Clay for playing the trombone.  Obviously, Clay showed us how wrong Bob was this morning.  Photos are posted on Facebook under the Tuesday album. 

Kyle also quizzed the students on their bible trivia during Quickstart.  The trivia started with simple questions and quickly advanced in difficulty. We were happy and proud of how well many of our students did with their Bible trivia.  Kyle then led a devo relating knowing the bible to performing a play.  Sometimes actors don’t realize the full story of their play, because they are so focused on memorizing their parts line by line.  As Christians, we can do the same.  We can become so focused on bible trivia and facts that we forget to take a step back to understand God’s story.  The students were challenged to remember that during teaching times, they don’t have to know all of the trivia to understand the Epicness of God.

During Wild ‘N’ Crazy games, our students played two games:  Snow Shoe Shuffle and Moist Curling.  During Snow Shoe Shuffle, students put on large snowshoes, walked down their slip-and-slide runway to the main tarp.  In the middle of the tarp was a kiddie pool filled with water and sponges.  Students had to go to the middle, pick up a sponge with their chin, and then go back to the end of their slip-and-slide runway.  The first school to have their team finish won.  In Moist Curling, a TL sat on an inflatable tube.  The students then pulled their TL down the slip-and-slide runway to the middle of the turf.  Students then pulled their other TL, trying to get them in the middle of the tarp and target.  The team with their two TLs closest to the target won.  It was very fun, and we highly suggest you look on Facebook for the pictures. 

Kirk Cowell spoke tonight at Rainbow Celebration, and we are so glad that after 15 years, Kirk returned to SE.  Kirk spoke about God’s Epic Patience.  There are two main sections of Isaiah: The Warning of Exile (Isaiah Chapters 1-39) and The Hope of Reconciliation (Isaiah Chapters 40-66).  At the beginning of Isaiah 40, after God’s Chosen are in exile in foreign lands, Isaiah sends comfort, proclaiming that the time of exile is over, their service for the sins has been completed, and the glory of the Lord will be revealed.  The Israelites responded with disbelief, doubt, and mistrust.   

Kirk shared his personal story where at the age of 23, he realized that he was an atheist, who worked as a preacher at a small church.  He didn’t believe, but he wanted to.  He reached out to his mentors and community searching for answers.  Several years later, he read Colossians 2:6-8 and Zechariah 3:1-2.  He realized that God invites each of us to allow God to snatch us from the fire to be restored. In that moment, Kirk reconciled with the Lord.   

In the doubt and disbelief of the Israelites, our Heavenly Father responded with Isaiah 42:1-4.  When we are weak and broken, God does not throw us out and replaces us.  Instead, He is a master weaver who is so incredibly patient, that He uses every bruised reed in His craft and surrounds it with strong reeds.  He spends immense time carving us to repair us, so that our light is strong and pure.  God’s patience is so epic, and He won’t let us go until He has woven us into a strong community and made our light shine again.  God is the patient, master craftsman.

We just have to wait on Him, be patient, and most importantly, faithful.

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