Faithful Love

19 Jun

Friends, this year is already more epic than we anticipated, and all glory goes to God.  These students are incredible.  The Green School (with the theme of Jesus Christ: Superhero) has dedicated each day to an aspect of Jesus’ superpowers.  Sunday was giving.  Today is serving.  To start the day off, two students washed Kyle Bullock’s feet during Quickstart.  What amazing leaders we have!

Clay Johnson, Devon Watkins, Nathan Keller, and Allison Lewis lead our teaching times.  They are stupendous.  They have a deep passion for showing our students Epic Qualities about our Father.  Throughout the week, each Dean will teach each school, so that students hear from various teaching styles. Each of the Morning Deans are looking at the story of God through a different lens.  Devon is speaking on Epic Calling, Clay is Epic Battle, Nathan is Epic Forgiveness, and Allison is Epic Pain. Our students are in for a treat.

Sports and Wild ‘N’ Crazy Games were immensely successful today.  Students will play volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, and ultimate Frisbee.  When they are not playing a sport, they will cheer on the other teams.  We would like to clarify that we do not expect athletes, but instead are encouraging students to enjoy the community and work as a team.  Today, during Wild ‘N’ Crazy Games, students participated in a Team Relay where students raced in groups of 4 with inflatable tubes.  Then, families pulled each other in the same inflatable tubes on slippery tarps.  Not much more can be said, because it’s wild…and crazy.  Pictures are on Facebook, so go check them out.  

Tonight at Rainbow Celebration, Mike spoke to us about God’s Epic Promises in two roles: Trustworthy Father and Faithful Lover. Each of us is a unique child of God, and our Heavenly Father believes that we are truly wonderful.  He loves us, cares for us, comforts us, and provides for us.  His love is such a true and great unconditional love that is incomparable.  However, God’s love is the ideal that parents should be.  Psalm 103:10-13 attempts to describe God’s love through His mercy and grace and almighty power, but it can simply be wrapped up as “God’s love…is ever and always.” 

Mike compared God’s promise of being a faithful lover to a marriage.  In Hebrews 13:5, God vows to us that He will never leave nor forsake us.  Unlike many circumstances though, even when we cheat on God and turn our back on Him, God stays and pursues us.  Through the story of Hosea, we are shown how great God’s love is, and how He is faithful.  His love never fails, it never gives up, and it never runs out on us.  Instead of rejecting us, our Father longs to bring us home. 

Like the perfect Father and Spouse, God’s love is willingly dedicated and willingly forgiving.  No matter what we do, how badly we mess up, God’s mercy and love will always be there for us as a gift waiting for us to accept and receive it.  He truly is the model of a perfect love.  Praise Him for the epic promises He has bestowed upon us, and praise Him for allowing us to rest in His grace.

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