Let Us Worship the Father

18 Jun

Summer Excitement has officially started! We cannot believe that students are finally here! We are so ready to pour into them, so that we can experience the vulnerable and real community of our Savior, Christ Jesus. 

After Staff announcements and introductions, students were able to meet with their schools to get to know each other, and then they returned for Rainbow Celebration.  Worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ is an incredible gift.  Melanie Wise spoke tonight about worshipping an almighty, powerful God who has unsurpassable love for each of us.  Worship is an act of pursuing God and deepening our relationship with Him.  When we worship together, no matter what form, we glorify God. 

Our students experience many different battles in their lives.  There is often a misconception that worship only occurs when you are happy or content with God.  However, we were reminded tonight that there are many different ways of worshipping our Lord and Savior.  We can praise Him in the storm.  He wants us always to be present and to let Him into our lives and hearts.  When we follow Him and serve Him, we can show Him everything.  We can be real with Him.  We can show Him our mourning, our rage, our sorrow, our happiness, and every other emotion, because there is freedom in worship.  He is our comforter, healer, and a mighty warrior who fights for us.  If we worship and submit ourselves to Him, He will battle for us, heal us, and be with us in accordance to His will and purpose.  What’s even more incredible is that the same God who holds the universe in His hands is also a Good Father who pursues us and knows us by name.

And that, dear friends, is pretty Epic.

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