SE 2013 Monday Recap

18 Jun


Well SE 2013 is officially in full swing! This year’s theme is “We are Family.” Gold School is led by Devon Langford and Jesse Walton and their theme is Divine Dynasty like the show Duck Dynasty. Red School is led by Jordan Reeves and Chelsea Campbell and their theme is House Red where they have a medieval thing going on. Blue School is led by Jonny Reeves and Hayden Skoog and their theme is Avengers. Green School is led by Kaitlin Riojas and Brittany Cruse and their theme is Castaway.

In the morning students went to their first teaching session of the week with the deans. 8th grade is with Mike Gibson, 9th grade is with Ricky Lewis, 10th grade is with Clay Johnson, 11th grade is with Devon Watkins, and Advanced is with Kalum Tuggle and Laci Richardson. Jerry Reeves and John Ketchersid are also acting as deans, leading Rainbow Celebrations every night. This year we have the most deans we have ever had! In the teaching sessions students talked about the differences between Christians and the world and how it is good to be different. I was able to watch some of the students put together skits showing good ways that Christians are different than other people, and I have to say we have some pretty creative students! Advanced is changing it up this year and every day they will be going off campus with Laci and Kalum. Today they went to High Point Village where they worked with special needs adults. From what I have heard they had a great experience there.

After lunch we headed over to the sports field where students played basketball, ultimate frisbee, sand volleyball, and kickball. Next we started Wild N Crazy games which were just as crazy as ever. For the first game students had to put a spaghetti filled helmet on their head and run down the field to get a handful of slime to bring back. Whichever color got the most slime in their buckets won that round. In the second game we went to the tarp to play what Clinton Smith has deemed “Duck Dy-NASTY.” For this game each student had to put on a “beard” that was made from a mop and stick a rubber ducky between their knees. They then had to cross the slippery tarp, while keeping the rubber duck between their legs and not dropping it. Whichever team made it back with the most ducks won.  

Once everyone got all cleaned up we had dinner and then went over to Rainbow Celebration, which is one of my favorite parts of SE. After an amazing time of worship John Ketchersid spoke and gave a great message on how God calls us to be a family of hope, based on 1 Peter 3:8-18. At the end of the night the entertainment was a comedian named Darren Streblow.  

Thanks for keeping up with us, and please continue to pray for us as we go throughout the week! I will be posting a few pictures on Facebook every day and some posts on the blog so keep an eye out for them! At the end of the week I will add all of the pictures I have taken. Jake Walton is making videos for each day and we will be putting those on Facebook as well.

ALSO, be sure to go ‘like’ our Summer Excitement page on Facebook at! We are trying to post more things on that page than the group.


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