1 Apr

Registration for the Blue Bell Freezer29th year of Summer Excitement has officially opened.  Ensure your spot on campus this June by registering early on this blog-spot.  Simply follow the link above, “SE REGISTRATION,” and easily register online in 10 minutes or less.  For concerns or questions regarding this year’s registration, please contact Keri Moore at

SE 2013 will bring about some changes, starting with our teaching staff.  Mike Gibson, veteran SE dean, has assumed the position of senior dean, and has assembled an exciting team made up of both new and familiar faces.  Returning deans include Jerry Reeves, John Ketchersid and Kalum Tuggle, with Jerry and John overseeing Rainbow Celebration experiences, and Kalum working alongside former Assistant Director, Laci Richardson, to coordinate off-site service activities for advanced school students.  New faces on the team will include Ricky Lewis, from Fort Worth, and Clay Johnson, of Savannah, Georgia.  And also joining the team, moving over from Assistant Director, is Devon Watkins, of Fort Worth.

SOOOO, get to registering!  And start praying now for SE 2013, “WE ARE FAMILY.”

Oh, and BTW, in honor of a long-held SE tradition, here on “SE Registration-Day,” you have our blessing to seek out the nearest Blue Bell freezer, have a couple scoops, and think of all the sweet experiences you’re going to have in Lubbock between June 16-21!


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