26 Feb

If you have been to Summer Excitement for 5 years or less, chances are you have heard of some gal named Matilda. And further, chances are you have probably wondered, “who is this Matilda character, and what has she done to have made such a name for herself on campus?” Well, check this song out (, and one thing you’ll discover about Matilda in one word…SHENANIGANS! At Summer Excitement 1997 Matilda became the only female student ever to be physically removed from campus….in the middle of the night……. Kidding!!! Actually Matilda is the name of a song that former Assistant Director, Josh Watkins, introduced to the students some 10-15 years ago. The song alone, likely NOT to earn its way into SE lore on its own merit, was spiced up by Watkins in humorous fashion, as only he could. A Yamaha guitar, 3 simple chords and a couple of verses in pig-Latin, and voila, Matilda, character-flaws and all, had endeared herself to students and staff alike!

Harry Belafonte, popular as he may be elsewhere, had nothing on Josh Watkin’s Matilda. Shenanigans and all, this sassy lady is welcome back to Summer Excitement any time she makes up her mind to visit!

Honorable mention goes out to, yet another, Josh Watkins offering, “I Wanna Kiss Her…”



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