18 Feb

It was a typically steamy June day in Dallas, Texas on that now legendary Tuesday evening on the campus of Dallas Christian College.  And further, it was an atypical steamy evening inside the masquerade-mask I had been given to wear for the better part of Rainbow Celebration on that June 22nd night.  There we sat, in a chapel less than half the size of LCU’s Baker Center, 250 worn-out, mask-clad, teenagers and staff, and singing the song that, starting that evening, every single person in attendance began to love to hate, and yet, hated to love.  Veteran Summer Excitement Senior Dean, John Ketchersid, recalling that fateful evening, said that upon completion of the sermon that night a “55-verse rendition” of JusMaskt As I Am broke out, and with it, students began to break out as well.  This night brought new meaning to being “slain in the Spirit,” as students and TLs alike began hitting the floor.  Bodies everywhere.  EMTs.  Oxygen masks.  Fisticuffs.  Richard Seymour laughing…nervously.  It was, indeed, an evening for the Summer Excitement ages.

Just As I Am, banned from Summer Excitement forever.  But living on in our memories for the ages.

What verses 1 – 5 sounded like:

What verses 6 – 26 sounded like:

What verses 27 – 55 sounded like:


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