You Need Summer Excitement, Not an Ugly Sweater

26 Nov

Take some advice from our friends Rusty, Sue, and their cat, Peaches – you don’t need another ugly Christmas sweater. For that matter, you don’t need another video game or One Direction poster. You need a week at Summer Excitement.

This year try something new for Christmas. Instead a creating a list of things you probably won’t use after a month or two, put Summer Excitement on your Christmas list. Seriously.

We understand it can be difficult to pay for Summer Excitement each year. So this year ask your family to contribute to your registration fee instead of getting you a gift you’ll end up tossing aside by Valentine’s Day. We promise you’ll have more fun at Summer Excitement than you would with any goofy toy.

Gifts are nice. It’s fun to unwrap presents. We get it. But we also know that Summer Excitement 2013 will have a greater impact on your life and the kingdom of God than anything you’ll find under a tree on December 25th.

So if you’re creating your list for this year we hope you’ll consider adding Summer Excitement. Besides, we all know Grandma has never been able to pick out a sweater you’ll actually wear in public.


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