7 Jun

Since the rise of such sites as Facebook and other social-networking platforms, social media has provided opportunity to generate buzz and excitement for upcoming SE experiences.  If you have not been following some of the dialog on our Facebook page, or better yet, viewed some of the videos created by SE leaders and students, you are missing out on some real fun, and missing a prelude to SE 2012.  As the cliche goes, this is just the tip of the iceberg!  The REAL fun will start on Sunday evening, June 17!  As the big day looms, stay tuned to our SE Facebook page.  Watch the TLs and students as they duke-it-out each day, and make their  cases as to why their school is destined to make SE history.  Tune in to find out more about each school’s themes, each school’s plans, and to get an idea why Summer Excitement 2012 is going to be one of the highlights of your year!

Follow these links to view recently created SE videos:


“RED SCHOOL” (Jonny Reeves):

“WEBISODE 1” (Jonny Reeves):

“SOUL SISTA (instant classic)”  (Jordan Reeves):


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